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2015 spring

(2015 Spring Semester)

(2014 Spring Semester)

Welcome to our site! Within this website you can find work from the students of the creative nonfiction writing class of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, which is lead by Sara Whitestone. Professor Whitestone has been published in many different online and print venues. Her website can be found here: sarawhitestone.com.

The goal is to help students at John Jay develop their writing skills through different creative nonfiction disciplines. The work displayed here on this website is selected by Lucas Guevara and Emily Chen, editors of JJayCreation, who pick the top five pieces of each assignment given.  Emily will be responsible for final writing editing and posting.


(Lucas)                                                                 (Emily)

Lucas and Emily are currently student editors who have been excelling in their academic careers, earning them positions as Student Assistants in the John Jay English Department.

What is truly the goal here on this website is to display the progress and great work the class has been producing. We hope you enjoy our work! Thank you! 4948522_orig


Please contact Emily if you have any question: emilychen9325@yahoo.com



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