One Face, Unity, and Silence by Barna Akkas



Out of the thousands of protesters in Times Square this child caught my attention, because he is a Palestinian child; however, he resembles the face of any ordinary child in the United States. This child is not suffering, but the faces that are similar to his are the faces of children who are suffering in Gaza. Millions of children just like him look innocent and are unaware of the events that are occurring around them. The children’s innocence has now been stripped away by the warlike nature that persists each day in Palestine, or at least what is left of Palestine.



This photo represents a moment of unification between an Israeli child and a Palestinian child. These two children are probably unaware of what is happening in Gaza, but what they may know is that there is no reason to dispute with another young human. They are human. That’s what is being forgotten. If they are in fact of Palestinian or Israeli descent, then we need to pause and realize that these people are also made up of skin and bones just like everyone else.

Something can be learned from these two children photographed because in their eyes they are both equals.



The whole world seems to be shying away from what is really at fault here. Palestinians are having their basic human rights stripped and demolished. If this were the case in the United States, then there would be riots and significant media coverage of the situation. Palestinian children will now grow up with a sense of fear, hopelessness, and distrust in themselves and the governmental system that was supposed to help them initially. For a few moments the rest of the world is sitting, watching, and discussing the issue. After these few moments are up, the rest of the world will carry on with their normal lives and forget about the issue at hand. This is disappointing. It is one thing to go out and protest, but it is another thing to get the matter at hand to be impacted by change. It is time to be heard; it is time to speak up and advocate for the silent voices of the Palestinians.


About the Author,

Barna Akkas

barnas bio

Barna lives in a world of wonderment and desire to cultivate all of the good and all of the knowledge that there is know. She lives to understand the origin of things, and her six-word memoir is just that, “An open book with missing chapters.” She lives her life to fill these missing pages with experiences, laughter, and ideas worth remembering.


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