The Uncorrupted Enlightenment by Fifi Youssef


Three winters, two summers, gone, yet I swear I still remember every little detail from those twelve hours. I can still hear everything from the passengers arguing over their seat numbers to everyone applauding the pilot after takeoff and then again at landing. I remember seeing the TV monitors set on the game Bejeweled, or some on animated kickboxing games, and others on the movie, The Heat. The light scented vapors from the tea and the overpowering aroma of black instant roasted coffee seemed to still be lingering around me. Everything felt surreal as if I had painted this picture in my mind.

I had a feeling this trip was going to be unlike any other. I had been having a strange gut feeling and butterflies in my stomach. I convinced myself these feelings were no more than just nervousness and anxiety since I haven’t seen my family and homeland in so many years. After boarding the plane and fighting over my window seat with some stubborn lady who seemed to be in her late thirties (yet, dressed as if she was still 18), I got comfortable, rolled up the window blind, and waited. I’ve always had a weird connection to the window seat. Once I’m up in the sky, I get this sense of being at home–a place where I can’t be judged over my thoughts. While everyone wastes their twelve hours sleeping, I sit and stare out my window.

Waiting for about an hour, the clock finally hit 7:00pm, and we began defying gravity. It was then when everything changed and I began to understand that strange gut feeling I’ve been having. The world I thought I understood became a blur. The individual I thought I was changed. Living within the sunset rather than living under it challenged everything I thought I knew. The flight I thought I remembered became a picture I thought I’d never believe. All the little details I remembered had now vanished. They vanished into the light gold rays reflecting onto the pureness of the white, cotton, bulbous clouds that were placed so unaccountably perfectly.

Living suspended in a place that seems to remain unnamed, untouched, and uncorrupted within the world I thought I knew changed everything. It made me question everything I never thought of questioning. It created a wider scope of thinking for me. It seemed as if my mind was imprisoned for all these years, and this was the perfect time for it to escape.

How can we live in such a toxic world, yet this–THIS could still be so inexplicably beautiful and pure?



About the Author,

Fifi Youssef


Fifi youssef is a crazy, outgoing, coffee lover. She is a published writer and dreams of becoming a legal writing professor. Fifi is a huge lipstick junkie and a fashionista. She believes that whether it’s her image, her writing, or even her cooking everything must be at its finest. Fifi is making her way to becoming the next Egyptian woman to bring change and justice to the world with her writing one piece at a time.


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