Love in Abundance by Jordy Frias

Questions can infiltrate into the human brain about the creation of earth. Creation itself speaks volumes from its complexity and beauty. But, it must have a source of frame, an origin, a designer; a designer whose intelligence surpasses that which the human mind lacks the ability to comprehend. Rejection is the outcome of a denying heart in the concept of a creator.

jordy1My mind had pondered on a particular question: Is there more to life than the “day-to-day” living with our hope in materialistic objects of inevitable decay? WHAT WAS IT! What should be the motive by which we, today, exist? The answer . . . It is the reason why He came. The world needed saving and this was given 2,000 years ago.

With vivid memories I recollect of myself questioning my existence as I lay, resting, on my bed most mornings. The sound of a siren, that annoying sound from the iPhone alarm options, is what I awoke to with the custom of attending school. Education, without a shadow of doubt, was substance I desired, but of course it was also expected by the social structure.


I contemplated the vicious cycle of life:

–       Being conceived would be the beginning to long, trial encountering, challenging journeys we will soon endeavor on.

–       We eventually grow, with the influence of seeking an education.

–       Then, we hope to have a family and our hard work to pay off, but it seems like an unreachable goal with an economic crisis as our surrounding. In 1990 fifty-four cents once was equivalent to the buying power of a 2014-dollar bill. Our hope is supposed to be based on our achievements, but if 2.59% is the annual inflation rate throughout this period, our hope is diminished for any potential chance of growth.

–       Finally, we age, our years catch up to us, and our fragile hearts give into our mortal bodies. But is that all what life offers? Life should be more meaningful than this! Have you felt this way before? Have you ever contemplated the true purpose of life?


The satisfaction we seek will never reach its full potential as long as our hope lies on finite concepts.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.”

But, one may say; how can I believe in something I cannot see? How can I feel secure in trusting this God I cannot hear? The evidence–of knowing our hope and trust will not fail–in God surrounds us.

From the existence of the trees, agriculture, and other human resources we depend upon, we see God’s craftsmanship. We see His concern for us; for YOU. We can hope and believe that jordy4life is offering more than what we have at tangle reach. I acknowledge the grace–unmerited favor of God–not because I place an imaginary figure in my mind to look to, no! But because God is love and this is love; not that we loved God but He loved us FIRST!

God gave Him to us; He offered love in abundance, in an unconditional manner. Life is more than a “day-to-day” living. It brings us to have a purpose and our eyes fixed on the hope that is Christ Jesus.



About the Author,

Jordy Frias

Jordy Frias attended Borough Manhattan Community College and is a current student John Jay College of Criminal Justice where he majors in English. As a writer, his parents have read his work. As someone with with a love for kids, he strives to his goal of being an elementary school teacher. As an eater, platanoes, lasagna, salmon, and totones are foods that he enjoys. Although funny at times, Jordy has mastered the skill of being corny. Jordy is a family man, loves his girlfriend, and is a sincere, fervent follower of Christ Jesus.


3 thoughts on “Love in Abundance by Jordy Frias

    • Yes it is and when we’re on this endless journey in searching for love, in essene, we’re searching for God because He is Love!

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