My Makeup, My Story by Jenica Llanos

What is Makeup?
Is it just painting your face?
Is it art?
Is it just spending money on pointless items?
Is it a career?
Is it a hobby?
Is it a talent?
Is it an expression of your mood?
Is it a passion?
Does it have meaning? To most people, makeup is just painting your face to look pretty. To some people it’s a person trying to catch another person’s attention. It may be a boost of confidence to some. But can makeup be a mystery to some? Ever wondered why that person wears make up. Is it just something they enjoy doing? Or maybe that person is hiding something that they don’t want the world to see.

jenica2What if that person is hiding a black eye, a scar, tears, pain? But would you never know what that person is hiding. Especially if they’re covering it with makeup. So now, is makeup just painting your face? When you see the next person wearing makeup are you just going to think, oh they look pretty? I’m pretty sure after reading this you’re going to think to yourself, why is that person wearing makeup? What is the reason for that person is applying makeup today? Don’t get me wrong, not everyone has a story to his or her makeup. Some just wear it to wear it.

However, I don’t fall into that category. I have a story.

“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.”


Every morning I sit at my vanity and read that quote. It’s my slap into reality. It’s my reminder that someone out there has worse problems than mine. It’s my compliment when no one else is there to give it to me. It’s my boost of confidence. I’m not saying everyone has to put makeup on to feel better, and I’m also not saying makeup is my only source of happiness. But what’s better than not feeling beautiful?

Until recently I was feeling very unhappy myself, always negative and unsatisfied with how things were going. Then I realized the only way to fix this problem is getting to know myself, figuring out what makes me positive and happy. To allow myself to do this, I had to surround myself with things that make me happy. Giving more time to myself than to others. Let’s just say sometimes being selfish is a good thing. For the longest time, I covered my pain with makeup and growing up I did the same. Putting on makeup let me be creative, but it also covered my pain. I didn’t look at makeup as a talent or to “emphasize” my beauty. I took it as I look pretty, so everyone would just assume I’m fine and wouldn’t ask any questions. It was my form of therapy. When I applied my makeup I no longer looked sad, which eventually started to take away feeling of being sad.

So I guess it is true what they say; “when you look better you feel better.”



About the Author,

Jenica Llanos

jenica personal

Jenica Marie Llanos is a young female living in Brooklyn, but in her mind its Beverly Hills. She’s a fashionista, makeup hoarder, and a huge beauty junkie. But most importantly she’s in love with her fur baby,her shih tzu, Tiko. Her favorite types of books to read are self-help books. Learning to be a better and positive person are key to her. That is why her best curve is her smile.


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