Heaven on Earth by Natalie Morel

    Pure snow can be as beautiful as the white sky clouds. We watch the kids run around laying snow angels and building their own Dr. Frost. In the blink of an eye the world becomes our very own wonderland, our place for escape, our heaven on earth.


The snow brings onto us our own memories of childhood. We close our eyes and imagine the moments we couldn’t wait to be outside. As young children we throw ourselves into the snow. We open our mouths wide just to catch the snowflakes onto our tongues. Everything around us seems so magical. It is our piece of a kingdom above us. As we watch each flake fall, the dark road we look past every night seems more heavenly with the presence of the white clean snow. We open our eyes and all the feelings we had as a child come back.


One can compare snow to life, a strange yet truthful simile. When snow is beautiful, it is radiant. It is pure and blissful. It adds a mysterious glow of beauty to the concrete world. There is something so undeniably angelic about the sight of these flakes that fall from the sky. For the few moments when you stand and watch everything feels perfect. The world seems like a much more exquisite place.

“I love snow the very first time it falls. It’s white and clear and because it’s the first time I just want to live in the moment”, says Luis Pena Age 11

When life is beautiful, it is marvelous. There are moments when you have good days, good weeks, good months and everything seems well. You cannot even slightly remember what sadness and fear are. The thoughts in your mind are consumed with joy. The world seems like a much more exquisite place.


When snow is bad, it is lousy. The next day, week, or even month it is no longer a joyous view. It is dirty, slushy and a constant struggle to get by. There is no longer any want for it. All its original beauty vanished. A huge obstacle in the dark road, a problem we cannot seem to solve. This is not only old snow but life as we know it.

When it is beautiful, it is magical. When it is bad, it is ugly.

“I start to hate snow when it gets all black and dirty. It gets in the way of transportation and it is very dangerous”, says Pena.

Some days our lives seem to be perfect. Then other moments we feel like things come crashing down in our direction. Life brings about obstacles we sometimes feel we cannot handle. There are moments we just want to give up. We want to melt away from all we know.

Life is our dark little road. We never know what is ahead of us. Sometimes it might be beautiful snowflakes, other times a huge storm.


But as long as we keep walking with faith that God is on our side, we will one day experience not just the pieces of heaven that fall from the sky but heaven in itself.


“But let all those rejoice who put their trust in You; let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them; let those also who love Your name be joyful in You” (PSALM 5:11).


“When I hear this quote I believe it relates to not only snow but life because, to many children and people, snow brings a moment of happiness. It brings a moment of Euphoria, just like life can with its beautiful moments. If we trust in God, we will not only receive Euphoria, but we will receive true happiness”, says Genesis Pena Age 15.


1) Interview with: Luis Pena from Robert Kennedy Junior HS 250

2) Interview with: Genesis Pena from Richmond Hill High School


About the Author,

Natalie Morel

natalie personal

Natalie Morel is a writer who enjoys a great slice of pizza and the color green. With great appreciation to the arts, she works to earn her bachelors degree as an English major and Theater Arts minor. Her work has been published online on the Sentinel as well as this current publication. Although she aspires to practice law her love for English and Literature continue to grow, hopefully leading in more publications under her wing.

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